Mystical Crystal Jewelry

I create unique han

My journey as an artist has been a natural progression of following my passions throughout life. I've been fascinated with rocks and all things natural from a young age. This led me to Colorado and Arizona where I began collecting and cutting stones learning the art of lapidary(1996-97).  Jewelry making then became the obvious complement to the stones I was cutting. I started stringing beads and wire wrapping stones. I apprenticed with a Silversmith, learning the art of jewelry fabrication, stone setting and design. Since that time I have been creating and selling many pieces of jewelry always looking for ways to expand on my art form. I have operated my business Mystical Crystal over 15 years displaying jewelry and selling crystals, gems and healing tools at local and national juried art + craft shows and art galleries also carry my works.  I have also studied my craft at several workshops learning from renowned metalsmiths and teachers. I continue to learn, expand, and find new inspirations for my wearable art in metals and stones. Great attention, detail, precision, and quality materials are combined to create these wearable works of art. In the last year I have also been creating some sculptural works with silver and stone.  Looking forward to creating more crystal wands, staffs and other healing tools/wearable art. My intention is that my art + jewelry will bring joy, beauty, healing and positive energy to the wearer.