Faceted Citrine, Star Rutilated Quartz, Opal + Ruby Pendant in Silver + 18kt Gold

Mystical Crystal Jewelry
by Robert Riffe

About Us

Unique Handcrafted Silver + Stone Jewelry


     Designs + Jewelry by Robert Riffe Metalsmith, Lapidary + Craftsman

 I first began my journey as an artist over 20 years ago. Studying under several master jewelers learning skills + techniques while finding inspiration from nature, other artists + beautiful combinations of stones, metals + earthy treasures. All pieces are hand fabricated using silver + gold and unique gems + designer cabochons crafted with attention to detail + design. Quality materials and craftsmanship are combined with positive intentions to create each unique jewelry piece. 

 Creating these unique pieces of wearable art and sharing my passions and jewelry with many customers and friends over the years has brought much joy. Many customers have become collectors and comment about the magical qualities and joy that these Mystical Crystal Jewelry pieces have brought to their lives and how they have made wonderful gifts for their loved ones.    Thanks to all who have shared + supported me on this artistic journey 

  >>>>Thanks for visiting  + please enjoy my website and online shop I will continue to update my site with new creations and images of my work as well as upcoming shows, events + special sales. My silver jewelry line includes rings, silver pendants with colorful stones, earrings + bracelets

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